Asphalt Services

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Protect your investment and benefit from the cost savings of regular maintenance and timely repairs.
A clean and well-maintained parking lot enhances the tenant and customer experience.


Asphalt Patching & Repairs

Striping & Traffic Markings

ADA Compliance

Crack Filling

Lot Sweeping

Porter Services

Speed Bumps & Signage

Power Washing

Curbing Installation

Storm Drain Maintenance


Asphalt aging is unavoidable from weather, sunlight and traffic.  The appearance of your parking lot is just as important as the landscape and exterior of your building. Don't let customers and tenants be turned off by a deteriorating surface.

Maintenance is the key to preventing extensive repairs. Stay on top of maintenance, and you'll avoid problems in the future. Sealcoating is your first defense against potholes and pavement failure, and gives gives your parking lot a fresh, updated, well-cared for appearance.

Striping & Traffic Marking

Organizing traffic flow with clearly marked stripes, parking and handicap stalls not only improves safety, but also ensures compliance with ADA and fire codes.

Bright and vibrant striping also improves customer and tenant perception, maximizes parking space, reduces liability, and gives your property a well-maintained appearance.

Crack Filling

Regular maintenance is the only way to protect your asphalt surface. Filling cracks reduces water damage and reinforces the surrounding area. Crack sealing significantly extends the life of asphalt and prevents more costly repairs later. 


Lot Sweeping

A clean parking area reflects attention to detail. Customers and tenants appreciate parking in a clean lot. Regular lot sweeping removes debris and litter and prevents sediment and pollutants from entering waterways. While you'll rarely hear comments about your parking area, trash and debris is noticed and perceived as a reflection of your business. Sweeping schedules are customized to your needs.

Speed Bumps

Slowing the flow of traffic with speed bumps increases pedestrian safety by requiring vehicles to slow down. Not only do speed bumps promote safety for drivers and pedestrians, they also also increase driver awareness and reduce collisions. Accidents that do occur will be at a much reduced rate of speed. For parking lots with a high presence of children or a drive lane that is crossed regularly by pedestrians, speed bumps are especially important.

If your parking lot is being used as a shortcut or pass through, speed bumps are an effective way to reduce traffic. Motorists will likely avoid cutting through your lot with the presence of speed bumps.

Porter Services

Our day porter services include picking up trash around buildings, dumpsters, and landscape areas. We can also empty trash receptacles and blow off sidewalks and other areas to keep your property neat and tidy.