Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

Edgeman 2.0 integrates clients, team members, and service partners onto one technology platform.
A proprietary solution with a user-friendly interface and real-time visibility.

Edgeman 2.0

User interface that enables facility managers to oversee sites remotely.

Provides transparency with up-to-date real time completion photos and audit reports.

Facility managers can create, schedule, and view records for tasks and projects.

Dashboards provide quick access to pending and approved projects with schedule notifications.

Quality Control

Service calls are logged and tracked. Task status can be viewed at all times.

Site inspections are logged and utilized to create work orders and service tasks.

On-demand services can be expedited, assigned a completion date, and viewed for tracking.

Clients can submit work requests and view photos, estimates, and work orders.


The experience and resources to utilize client software platforms to facilitate services including Service Channel and SAP Ariba.